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The F_ckers Penny

Stuart O. Anderson & Shaun Slifer

Out of Stock

Out of stock

Sorry, but these smashed pennies are no longer available and will not be in the future!

Around 200 were rolled in-person at a few events in Pittsburgh in 2015, and a limited edition of 100 were available on Justseeds. The die has since become unusable!

This is a genuine smashed U.S. penny, embossed with an inspirational message applicable to any scenario that you, or your loved ones, may find yourself in. A good luck charm, perhaps, or a token to ward off generalized evil. The design is an updated version of this life-directive letterpress print I made a couple years back, which was especially popular in offices and nurseries. Who are The Fuckers? You know who they are...

This penny was created on a custom-built penny smashing device, fabricated by myself and longtime cohort Stuart Anderson. This machine is a working prototype for a much more elaborate in-process kinesthetic sculpture: you can read more about the project here, and also here.


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