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The Glossary of Tania Aebi

Carolyne Whelan

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I wrote this book while trying to make sense of both a memoir I was reading and, unaware to myself at the time, my own sense of isolation and navigation. The Glossary of Tania Aebi is a persona poem in the form of a glossary of sailing terms, telling the story of Tania Aebi. It's been called a "surrealistic ode to heroism and loneliness," as "each poem reaches for some essential moment of insight or epiphany, riffing lyrically from some aspect of the journey Aebi made sailing around the world."

Tania Aebi was a bike messenger in New York City before she sailed around the world when she was 18, making her the first American woman and youngest person to ever circumnavigate solo. When this book was chosen for publication, I had the awkward responsibility to write to her and request her blessing for the publication of the book. She understandably felt uncomfortable at first, but her friend and confident said that I had channeled a part of her not explored in her own memoir, Maiden Voyage, to the point of mentioning specific events in her life that were only told in confidence and never published. With that, she approved of this book's printing.


Carolyne Whelan works for us at Justseeds Global Distribution Headquarters, often in the company of her dog Broose, who has full reign of our office couch.

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