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The Shape Of Our Resilience

Erik Ruin & LifeLines Project

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The Shape of Our Resilience: a dialogue on death by incarceration from behind the prison walls is the second pamphlet from the LifeLines Project. In this publication, five incarcerated LifeLines members interview someone they admire who is also serving Death By Incarceration (more commonly known as Life Without Parole). These interviews address the impacts of mass incarceration on communities, personal experiences of imprisonment, re-imagining the definition of justice and healing, gender disparity behind bars, the importance of blood and chosen families, building strong movements across the walls, and much more.

LifeLines is a multimedia project conducted in extensive, long-term collaboration with people serving Death By Incarceration sentences in Pennsylvania. The project uses interviews, creative media interventions, and visual art to support a statewide campaign to abolish Death By Incarceration. Learn more at

Full-color wrap-around cover by Justseeds artist Erik Ruin, with additional internal illustrations by Jenna Peters-Golden.

Abolish Militarism

Abolish Militarism

May 11, 2021

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