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Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha



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This poster was commissioned in 2010 by the US Social Forum. Each character is developed via heavy lines that create geometric shapes intersecting to become body parts. My favorite character in this piece is the grower/farmer/land-lover on the left. He has no eye because he is anonymous, he is all of us. His hands are reaching out to his sister and together they are reaching out to the planet, which is symbolized by a seed. I placed the plant inside the seed as a metaphor of our ecosystem, to show how all forms of life are dependent on each other.

The woman on the right is singing, speaking, and sharing her truth. I included her because in all people's movements, artists play a vital role. The two figures at the top are looking to the future. But in order to look forward, we must look back - to understand where we have been and where we can go. A large pentagon is located behind all the figures, symbolizing the ways in which of our paths are interconnected.

The piece reads, "Tu Lucha es Mi Lucha," which translated means, "Your Struggle is My Struggle." A portion of the proceeds of this poster benefit the ongoing work of the US Social Forum.