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Rad Teen Print of the Week 30: Junk vs Healthy Food

May 1, 2012


This week’s silkscreen print was created by Talonda and Iysha, to promote healthy food habits.



4 comments on “Rad Teen Print of the Week 30: Junk vs Healthy Food”

This is so violent and hateful!! If Justseeds is committed to social justice, you need to work towards ending fat oppression (fat-phobia/sizism) as well as all other systems of oppression. Here is a list of resources to begin educating yourself and challenging your fat-phobia:

I hear what you’re saying. This print was created by teens I work with, and I think your feedback warrants discussion with them. A teaching moment. I let those drawings of the kids at the top slide for the greater message of the poster, but representation is so important, and I overlooked that. Thank you for checking me!

I was also upset and disappointed when I saw this print posted on the just seeds website and Facebook page. Thanks for this response. We have to challenge the idea that it’s okay to value/judge/police people based on health status and/or what they choose to eat.
Another link to check out:

Its good that this is a place to challenge each other and dialogue.
It’s necessary to acknowledge that this particular imagery, informed by fat-phobic socialization, is addressing unhealthy dietary behavior, not attempting to be hateful.
I fail to see how this image is violent.

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