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Sam Merritt’s image for “This is an Emergency!”

October 25, 2012

This print is from “This is an Emergency!” a print portfolio on gender justice and reproductive rights.
To purchase a copy, you can click HERE.
To check out the tumblr website for this project, click HERE.


Sam Merritt has worked professionally as a silversmith, bookbinder, assembler of adult novelties, bejeweler of dog clothes, teaching assistant, tailor, bouncer, baker, sports coach, mentor and unprofessionally at many other things. She’s part of The Dirt Palace Collective of female artists, plays cymbals around the world in wild brass band What Cheer? Brigade, and fronts the punk band Cavegirls. When making art, Sam tries to only use materials and tools that have been discarded or found second hand. It’s her way of tapping into endless adventure, ingenuity, self-confidence, and her dream to live better on less. Sam is glad to see that reusing has become media-friendly and popular lately although she’ll be doing it regardless. Her independent, generous demeanor and love of hard work have landed her many character building and dissolving experiences. She is honored to be part of this project.
The piece: The text Battles can be won without begging comes from the introduction to Jane Zine: Documents from Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service. What I like about this quote is its implication that the law does not need to be addressed in order to best serve people. This message is often considered relevant only for certain radical circles, but in the case of Jane there was a demand from all kinds of people for what they were offering. And legal or not, they were directly helping all kinds of people, sometimes even the loved ones of police! This piece is to honor that viewpoint and motivate new generations.


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