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Sister Serpents at Interference Archive

February 22, 2018

On Thursday, March 1st from 7-9pm, Jeramy Turner and Mary Ellen Croteau will be presenting the secret history of the 1990s feminist art collective the Sister Serpents at Interference Archive in Brooklyn. Using posters, mail art, stamps, stickers, street art, large collaborative exhibitions, and performance, the Serpents rocked both mail-dominated Chicago art scene, and the broader city. They regularly wheatpasted posters up across Chicago, as well as intervened into subway advertisements, particularly those objectifying women. Come get the full scoop on March 1st!

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3 comments on “Sister Serpents at Interference Archive”

There was a small print that was plastered near the entrance of an underpass near Stony Island and Harper Avenue. I believe that I saw this circa 1990-1992. It depicted an older woman with long hair “flying at” a man who had tried to rape her daughter or granddaughter. It had a caption stating something like “When ____ saw a man trying to rape her daughter… and she dispatched him forthright”. It had the SisterSerpents seal. I would very much like to see that print again.

I think the prints of SisterSerpents got put into the Chicago Library archives or some such archives in Chicago. Long live SisterSerpents!

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