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Solidarity Forever: Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero for the Labor Movement

February 17, 2011


Wisconsin workers fight back! A slumbering labor movement has awakened in Wisconsin in response to the extreme anti-union legislation that Gov. Scott Walker (in office for six weeks) is attempting to pass that will eliminate collective bargaining rights for nearly all of the state’s public service workers. Walker has threatened to call in the National Guard, but those fear tactics have not stopped upwards of 30,000 people who have been in the streets of Madison for the past three days. Today, campus and high school walkouts are taking place all over the state.
Links to the Madison coverage:

“Is Wisconsin Our Egypt? 15,000 Protest Off-the-Wall Right-Wing Governor’s Policies” on AlterNet by Rose Aguilar
“Wisconsin Is a Battleground Against the Billionaire Kochs’ Plan to Break Labor’s Back” on AlterNet by Adele M. Stan:

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