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Solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union

August 28, 2012


Stand in solidarity with the CTU (Chicago Teachers Union) as they demand a fair contract in a standoff that could possibly lead to a massive work stoppage next week. The graphic posted is by Paul Kjelland – a Milwaukee based artist who has made graphics for the Wisconsin Uprising and the on-going Palermo’s strike in Milwaukee. Feel free to disseminate the graphic. It is copy-left so please simply credit it to the artist.
“Teachers, parents and community supporters in Chicago have fought valiantly—marching, filling auditoriums at hearings and parent meetings, even occupying a school and taking over a school board meeting. Most recently, 98 percent of our members voted to authorize a strike. But now we find ourselves facing new opponents—national education privatizers, backed by some of the nation’s wealthiest people. They are running radio ads, increasing press attacks, and mounting a PR campaign to discredit the CTU and the benefits of public education.”

(text from a video in support of the CTU)
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