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Sounds of the Week #20

December 10, 2015

Welcome back to Sounds of the Week!
Here’s what’s been sticking to my brain this week:

Xylouris White….I don’t know why it took this long but I finally found out about this amazing duo. I’m a huge fan of Jim White’s drumming, and this project is so nice to listen to.

and I also finally got around to watching this documentary on John Fahey, it’s worth your time.


and what I’ve really been listening to nonstop is The Cult, even exploring some Southern Death Cult…

and Iron Maiden, so there you have it.



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One comment on “Sounds of the Week #20”

Ahh, the Cult was my jam in 8th grade. I saw them with Billy Idol in 1987 I think. My dad took me, and I think he might have been the only person in the entire venue sitting down!

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