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Suchitra Sharma Printmaker

June 21, 2017

Suchitra Sharma is a printmaker who was born and raised in India and has lived in United States for over a decade. She currently practices at The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA. She is a member of California Society of Printmakers and Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art. She says of her work:

Among myriad challenges that the current wave of feminism is facing, the one that they are most affected by is the religious war against women. Patriarchy via religion legitimises women subordination by perpetuating ideology of male god. Both the manipulation of sacredness and fear further naturalises this subordination. The series ‘women, religion and war’ is an ongoing series exploring the parallels between religion and women victimisation. There is wide spectrum on which women see themselves immersed in male centric religions from faith in patriarchy to perpetuating it for their own comfort or being victimised when standing against it. Women are main victims of gender-cide in these religious wars globally. Through the series, i intend to ask the viewer to reflect on specific narratives of crime against women in these religious wars as well as their self inflicted wounds whether emotional or physical.”

Anti-warFeminisms & Gender

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