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Who the hell was Brad Will ?: Graphic Campaign (¿Quién diablos fue Brad Will?: Campaña Gráfica)

by Mazatl
October 27, 2009

Who the hell was Brad Will?: Graphic Campaign


Brad Will was an Indymedia journalist from New York City. He was shot dead in Oaxaca, Mexico on October the 27th 2006, he received two shots one to the chest and one to the abdomen when two pro-government aggressors opened fire on a barricade in the barrio of Santa Lucía del Camino. Photographs on the newspaper “El Universal” clearly show two government gunmen shooting members of the “Calicanto” barricade, leaving Brad lifeless. The two gunmen who shot at the barricade were arrested, one being the former public security director Abel Santiago Zárate, and municipal personnel chief Manuel Aguilar, however the PGJE turned the tables around and accused Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno and Miguel Cruz Moreno y a other social activists. The government is attempting to imprison the “compañeros” who share the same vision of freedom as Brad did, and have the murderous government led by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz in impunity of punishment. We are inviting you to learn about this case and demand justice. We all know that the government lies.
Join us and be part of the campaign; Who was Brad Will? We Demand Justice!

The collectives part of Red de Medios Libres / Abajo y a la izquierda are opening a call for submissions for a Stickers Graphic Campaign, send your design to:, following the next specifics; Size: 14 x 8.8 cm, using only two colors (blue 287 c and magenta), preferably vectors or resolution of 300 pixels. Everything will be posted on the “La Otra Grafica” website.
!Salud y Rebeldia!


¿Quién diablos fue Brad Will?: Campaña Gráfica
Brad Will fue un documentalista y reportero de Indymedia Nueva York. Fue
asesinado el 27 de Octubre de 2006 en Oaxaca por dos balazos, uno en el
pecho y otro en el abdomen, cuando dos agresores a favor del gobierno
abrieron fuego contra una barricada en el barrio de Santa Lucía del
Camino. Fotografías de El Universal registraron claramente a los pistoleros del gobierno que dispararon contra lxs integrantes de la barricada de Calicanto, privando de la vida a Brad. Fue consignado Abel Santiago Zárate, ex-regidor municipal, sin embargo la PGJE consignó a Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno y mantiene como indiciados a Miguel Cruz Moreno y a otrxs compas luchadores sociales. Es decir, cambió los papeles y ahora pretenden acusar a compañeros que comparten el mismo sueño de libertad que Brad Will y dejar en la impunidad el crimen del gobierno asesino de Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Te invitamos a informarte del caso y a exigir justicia. Todxs sabemos que el gobierno miente.
Únete y participa en la campaña ¿Quién fue Brad Will? ¡Exigimos Justicia!
Por esto los diversos colectivos que trabajamos en conjunto en la Red de Medios Libres / Abajo y a la izquierda
lanzamos la siguiente convocatoria de calcas, envía tu diseño a bajo las siguientes características, medida: 14 x 8.8 cm, a dos colores (azul 287 c y magenta) , de preferencia en vectores y si no a 300 ppp, si tu trabajo lo realizas de forma tradicional análoga no dudes en hacernos llegar tu diseño y nosotros lo escaneamos. Todo arte que llegue lo publicaremos en el sitio de la otra gráfica.
¡Salud y rebeldía!


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One comment on “Who the hell was Brad Will ?: Graphic Campaign (¿Quién diablos fue Brad Will?: Campaña Gráfica)”

US Journalist Murder Investigation Reopened.
Brad Will, murdered in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2006, along with 21 others
Opposition growing to Repressive “Merida Initiative”
Advocates in the USA for accountability in the murder of Brad Will and dozens of others during the vicious oppression of labor and other activists in Oaxaca are glad to learn that Mexican prosecutors are reopening investigations into 21 deaths during 2006 protests. These people have never been forgotten.
Oaxaca state Gov. Gabino Cue said Wednesday he created a special prosecutors’ office to review the cases, he replaced then Gov. Ulises Ruiz who was responsible for the deaths abd repression at that time.
Journalist Bradley Will of New York was killed as he videotaped his own murder.
Contrary to current news reports, there was more than one suspect. After a few years, to respond to growing concerns of the lack of real progress in the case, the government arrested a member of the widespread social movement, Juan Manuel Martinez, who was eventually released under intense local and international pressure.
In fact, immediately after Brad Will’s murder, a number of local police and security personnel videotaped and photographed shooting at demonstrators were arrested and later released under strange circumstances. They are:
Juan Carlo Soriano, municipal police officer; Manuel Aguilar, council personnel chief; Able Santiago Zarate; and Pedro Carmona, Mayor of Felipe Carrillo Puerto de Santa Lucia del Camino.
And pictured shooting guns at that very time here:
“We are optimistic that now true justice for Brad Will and the many others murdered by a repressive government can occur. It must be recalled that after such tragic violence Bush and Obama rewarded the Mexican forces with over a billion dollars of military aid in the form of weapons and helicopters, all used against the growing social movements. True justice in this case will identify and bring to people known to have committed these acts of violence and an end to the US tax payer funded Merida Initiative and the so-called drug war.” said Violeta Rivera of Friends of Brad Will.
Friends of Brad Will is a nationwide network of activists, friends and family members of Brad Will, the U.S. journalist who was murdered by Mexican government paramilitaries in broad daylight in Oaxaca, Mexico in October 2006. Despite numerous eye witnesses and photographic/video evidence, no one has been held accountable. Friends of Brad Will has been educating, organizing, and pressuring the U.S. government to work on behalf of Brad Will and to reject the Merida Initiative.
Translation of some key portions of Human Rights report:
The Nobel Prize winning Physicians for Human Rights reviewed forensic evidence, declared shots were from 30 + meters away and urged investigation of paramilitary involvement in Brad Will’s murder and the murders of others:
Here’s a detailed account of the case through October 2008, including the arrest of an innocent man, Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno and the issuing of arrest warrants against witnesses to the murder:
More on the Merida Initiative here:

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