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Wisconsin Students Rally to Support Sanctuary Schools

April 5, 2017

Check out this powerful video by Showtime about last weeks Milwaukee Public Schools board meeting where the board voted 8-0 to make MPS a sanctuary school district. The video highlights the courageous activism by Voces de la Frontera, YES (Youth Empowered in the Struggle), MPS students and teachers who spoke out for the urgent need for sanctuary schools to keep ICE out of their schools. The testimonies and the result of the vote will bring a tear to the eye. And similar to all actions by Voces de la Frontera and by YES there is art everywhere. In this demo there are banners and screenprints designed by John Fleissner and YES, the “We Are Wisconsin” banner that we painted last May with the butterfly design by Favianna Rodriguez, the “Have You Seen My Dad” screenprint by Josiah Werning, and the “Stop Clarke” banner that Susan Simensky Bietila designed for a recent march in Milwaukee. Much respect to the MPS Board for standing on the side of justice.

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