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Groundswell Collective’s Blog

July 30, 2008

As you may have noticed the Justseeds site goes thru some minor adjustments from time to time, one being the recent addition of the “blog roll”. (Its found on the right of your screen) I wanted to highlight one of the links because I’ve been looking over the Groundswell Collective Blog. They have a really good looking site that is “Dedicated to clever and innovative trends of art and design in activism.” And cover a lot of similar topics and themes we hope to here at Justseeds. So when you’re cruisin the blogosphere and we haven’t been on top of things check them out, or likewise.

A post I started with was there recent coverage of going “live”. Read it there

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One comment on “Groundswell Collective’s Blog”

Has anyone asked…?

Has anyone asked…?

September 15, 2008

Does capitalism work? I need someone to explain this crisis to me, cos I can’t seem to figure out who gains with this most recent economic calamity. Anyone?