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May 12, 2017

Today I received an anonymous DIYDPW tip-off in my email, the day after the removal of the Jefferson Davis memorial statue in New Orleans, Louisiana: Jefferson Davis Parkway was just renamed Herman Wallace Parkway!

Below is the communique released by the group claiming the action:

The Meow Meow Liberation Front first must commend our friends, allies and infiltrators in the NOPD for enabling, aiding and abetting our action in renaming, reclaiming and most of all reconsecrating J******** D**** Parkway anew as Herman Wallace Parkway.
Herman Wallace, a dedicated freedom fighter who spent the greater part of his life in the fetid bowels of the white supremacist behemoth, died one day after finally securing his freedom. His memory lives on now and forever, bestride the broken and desecrated body of our would-be masters. Long live Herman Wallace! All power to the people!
We look forward to visiting the statues (along with the bones and firearms of our Confederate enemies,) in their new home a quarter mile off the coast of Plaquemines Parish. We commend the Governer on his brave and timely action of solidarity in confiscating 19 of the approximately 34 replica General Lee automobiles (first featured in the 1975 feature film Moonrunners, but gaining popular recognition in the 80’s TV show Dukes of Hazard) to be sunk, along with the rest of these offensive remnants of failed, misguided and racist rebellion, to the embrace of our generous, ever-encroaching Gulf. It will be a fine museum, with reportedly good fishing and proximity to local docks.
The intensity of the opposition to this reclamation is telling. Bored liberals cynically roll their eyes. Patronizing, tired elders drone on about violence. To see the value of this action, we must look to people most explicit in their fear of the downfall of systems of white supremacist power. At the protests, on StormFront, and in all the various conclaves and claques of white cowardice you hear South Africa mentioned again and again. “Once they started renaming the streets, knocking down the statues it was over.”  In partnership with the NOPD, Mayor Mitch Landreau and Take Em Down Nola we name this as the beginning of the end of Apartheid in New Orleans. Regard your new hero with love and respect.
Revolutionary Solidarity and the Rotting Viscera of Reaction

DIYDPW is a frequent blog post highlighting global examples of Do It Yourself Department of Public Works projects. These are defined as any examples of municipal signage or infrastructure, generated by citizens outside of state-sanctioned means, that fulfill a perceived need in the area within which they are installed. It focuses specifically on street signage and way-finding graphics, and we take contributions from our readers! Got a photo of a great handmade or otherwise DIY sign that fixes a problem the local municipality had otherwise overlooked? Send it our way. Email (include a web-ready image and location found) to DIYDPW at gmail dot com
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