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Free Xero: A Re-discovered Inspiration

May 6, 2009

I was flipping through various comics anthologies the other day (looking for wordless comics for a friend’s thesis project) when i rediscovered the work of Carol Moiseiwitsch. I remembered her bold scratchboard imagery & dark sardonic wit always standing out in comics collections like Twisted Sisters, but had never seen much of her work beyond that. So imagine my delight when i discovered a whole site of her images- comics, paintings, posters etc., all available for non-profit use! I was also impressed to see Carol continuing to create relevant, charged graphics in reaction to current struggles in Palestine, Oaxaca and elsewhere.
I highly encourage everyone to check out the striking work of this dedicated and under-appreciated radical artist!




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5 comments on “Free Xero: A Re-discovered Inspiration”

This is great! I’ve actually seen some of her Palestine and Polisario images on posters, but didn’t know who had made them, very cool! I wish I had known before, I would have liked to reach out to her for Reproduce & Revolt.

This is cool to see. I tried to interview her in Vancouver BC in the mid 90s and could never make it work. At the time she had moved away from comics and political graphics and was just doing abstract stuff.

i got the twisted sisters anthology when i was 14 or 15 and it really blew my mind! (i had to hide it from my mother) great to see one of these ladies who have inspired me for so long pushing things even more rad-ically!

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