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Care Package #3

Justseeds Collaboration

Here is the third care package of graphics from us here at Justseeds. Today’s package includes over 30 images from 21 artists: @nwbtcw (US), Gabriela Aleman (US), Dirt Hands (US, Peter Cizmadia (US), Terry Forman (US), Kill Joy (US), Shannon Knox (US), Nicolas Lampert (US), David Loewenstein (US), Josh MacPhee (US), Claudio Martinez (US), Nicky Minus (UK), Keisuke Narita/A3BC (Japan), Roger Peet (US), Propagate Collective (UK), Pete Railand (US), Erik Ruin (US), Julio Salgado (US), Landon Sheely, Bec Young (US), and Zola (Canada). Again, some of these graphics already have their own individual posts on the Graphics page, some don’t, but eventually will.

This package’s focus is on the release of incarcerated people, self care, the importance of undocumented labor, rent strike, and solidarity. These are all here with the intent and hope of YOU using them, either on social media, printing out as flyers, or even re-purposing and re-using in other graphics and contexts. Here are web-res versions of all the graphics:
Peter Cizmadia (left), Pete Railand (center) and the Propagate Collective (right):

Kill Joy:

Josh MacPhee (left) and Nicky Minus (center & right):

Claudio Martinez (left), Keisuke Narita/A3BC (center), and Zola (right):

Roger Peet (left), Terry Forman (center left), Erik Ruin (center right), Dirt Hands (right):

Landon Sheely:

@nwbtcw (left), Bec Young (center left), Julio Salgado (center right), Gabriela Aleman (right):

David Loewenstein (left), Shannon Knox (center), Julio Salgado (right):

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