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Insuring Trans Mountain Ensures Climate Change

I made this graphic for the upcoming June 14-21 week of action against the companies insuring the construction of the Trans-Mountain pipeline (Also known as TMX). This industrial disaster is planned to cross numerous unceded indigenous and First Nations territories in Canada to bring Tar Sands oil to the British Columbia coast. The tactic of going after the bankers insuring this boondoggle is brilliant, and it was a pleasure to be involved! Pete Railand made graphics for the campaign as well, you can see those here.

There’s a whole tool-kit of ideas and resources for you to organize your own action or rally wherever you are: click here to visit it and to see how you can get involved, or share this link:

There are poster-size and 8.5″ x 11″ images in here, if you just want something for instagram use the image above (you might have to expand it so it fits in the frame)


A colorful scene a broken pipeline dumping oil into the ocean waters where two orcas look on. Above, two purple and orange hummingbirds hold up a pink banner which states: “Insuring Trans Mountain Ensures Climate Change.”

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