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No One Like You

Raychelle Duazo

My favorite form of affection is hugs; growing up, my Lola (grandma) and mom gave the best kind — the ones imbued with all the love in the universe. They made me feel safe, valued, assured, and loved and reminded me that when we love people genuinely, it’s another way of saying there’s “no one like you” in the entire world. <3

Part of the ASIAN AMERICAN NATIVE HAWAIIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER WOMEN ARTISTS UNITED Graphics package. For all the graphics in a zip folder check the post with the above title .

#Asians4BlackLives #AsianTransLivesMatter #WeBelongHere #AsiansBelongHere #RespectBelovedCommunity #AANHPIWomenArtists

Attribution – 4.0 International


A young person with shaved sides of their head and arm tattoos hugs their elder, perhaps their grandmother. Stars and a cosmos swirl around them. Text below states: “NO ONE LIKE YOU.”


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