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“…in a valley that smells like hashbrowns.”

February 14, 2012


Bear 71, an experimental documentary co-directed by Leanne Allison and Jeremy Mendes (in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada’s digital studio), deftly blew my mind this past week. Partially an imagined narration from a wild grizzly from Banff National Park, and partially an interactive map of trail cameras and radio-collared wildlife, the story weaves a haunting narrative around our contemporary relationship with wildlife, the absolute inundation of surveillance, and human interactions with (what’s left of) the Wild. Take 20 minutes to explore Bear 71 when you have the time to sit with it. It’s not immediately apparent, but when you are launched into the abstract mapping grid you can navigate via your mouse. If you have a webcam, turn it on and be tracked with the other humans who are watching the video while you are…

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