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In Palestine pt.20

July 18, 2013


There isn’t just graffiti on the walls here. In many places, particularly refugee camps, there are also murals. Some are made with naive charm, some professional skill, and few mix the best of both of these registers. These images are from a mural in the Aida Refugee Camp, sponsored by Lajee Center and painted by UK artist Paul Gent with local youth.

One of the things I like about this mural is that while it has aesthetic similarities to “happy kids” community murals in the US, it doesn’t shy away from the brutal violence of the occupation, and the complexity of the ways people respond to it.

There is a short video about the mural that can be watched HERE.

As the mural is over five years old at this point, it’s been painted over in parts, fixed up, and graffiti’d. The “End Home Demolitions” text below wasn’t on the original mural, and seems unnecessary in explaining something the image does well by itself.

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