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In the News, Feb 2012

March 21, 2012

The Justseeds/IVAW print portfolio was just featured in The 22 Magazine. From the write-up:

Beyond being beautiful pieces of art, each work is a call to end unneeded violence and to curb the destruction of life as well as the recognize the emotional and physical mark it leaves on those who survive.

Read it all HERE.
—There was recently a really nice write-up on my Celebrate People’s History book on Printeresting. RL Tillman calls the book “handsome and well-designed” and says:

Some of the images draw upon the traditional tropes of radical poster design, others share more in common with gigposters than with agitprop. And this diversity is clearly part of the intent; this project references the agitational history of the poster, and also updates that tradition. The majority of these works are strikingly designed, with artists making highly effective color choices driven by economical two-color printing.

Read the rest of the review HERE.
—There is a great write-up and slideshow about Erik Ruin’s Little Lives zine on the Mythological Quarter blog. Check it out HERE.
—Back in February 2010, an entire issue of Z Magazine was illustrated with images from Reproduce & Revolt. Somehow missed it, but you can check it out HERE.


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