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Interference Archive Art & Ephemera Auction!

November 18, 2015

Interference Archive is having their first big benefit event this Friday (see HERE), and as a part of it, they are running an art and ephemera auction. 32 pieces are up for bidding, half donated to Interference by socially-engaged contemporary artists, the other half are excess from the archive collection (there is only space to hold 2-3 copies of any one item in the archive). While it would be great if everyone could come to the event, those of you far away from New York can still get art! Just got to the Interference Archive page on Bidding Owl, sign up for an account, and start bidding.
Below is just some of the art and ephemera available from this awesome list of artists and organizations: Tomie Arie, Art Against Apartheid, Jess X Chen, Bill Daniel, École de la Montagne Rouge, Fireworks Graphics, Ganzeer, Mariam Ghani, Guerrilla Girls, Icy & Sot, Madame Binh Graphics Collective, Cat Mazza, Ann Messner, Carrie Moyer, OSPAAAL, Caroline Paquita, Greg Sholette, Meredith Stern, Sublevarte Colectivo, Swoon, Mike Taylor, Chip Thomas, and more!





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