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Last Three Days & Previews of Witches & Mad Prophets

March 13, 2012

We’re in the last 3 days now of my Kickstarter campaign to fund a portfolio project i’m curating & publishing on the theme of heresy.

Witches & Mad Prophets will feature offset prints of original work by 13 amazing artists- AMTK, Bec Young, Charlotte de Sédouy, Corina Dross, Dylan Miner, Ian Cozzens, Katrina Avocado, Lee Relvas, Mandy Katz, Santiago Armengod, William Schaff, Xander Marro, and myself. The fundraising’s been a runaway success, the band the Mountain Goats tweeted about it, we hit our goal in a day and a half and right now we sit at 240% of our funding goal with three days to spare! There’s still 40-something portfolios available for pre-order, so if you want to make sure you get one (for only $40!), get them here! See below for previews and more info…

Also, if you’ve ever considered commissioning original work from me, there’s also a reward option that includes an original papercut for $500, or that along with a yearlong subscription to everything i make for $1000.
i also just made available a new project- Marche Ou Crève, a collaborative silk-screened artists’ book by Erik Ruin & Charlotte de Sédouy, with original digital download soundtrack by Daniel Schleifer (of the What Cheer? Brigade, Bellows)! For pledges of $60 or more, get both this and the portfolio! This should be completed late summer 2012.
A sneak preview-


William Schaff‘s piece for the portfolio on the Livonian Werewolf

Santiago Armengod‘s contribution, a linocut depicting Carlos Chichimecatecuhtli Ometochtzín, who led a rebellion against spanish conquistadores, and was burned at the stake for refusing to worship Christian deities and hid indigenous gods under their robes to remain true under coercion-


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