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New if a song could be freedom mixtapes!

December 27, 2015


I’m excited to announce that we have released our 16th if a song could be freedom mixtape. A series of political playlist that accompanies the Interference Archive exhibition if a song could be freedom…Organized Sounds of Resistance.
Here’s the latest, Sounds of Protest produced by Amit Gilutz

The rest are a variety of musical genres and each one being quite unique. They are all located together on the Publications Page at Interference Archive, or individually- with curators notes on the IA blog.
We are also seeking new mixtape submissions for the ongoing if a song could be freedom mixtape series. Please submit or share with people whom may be interested!

To accompany the exhibition if a song could be freedom . . . Organized Sounds of Resistance, Interference Archive has, to this date, released 16 mixtapes put together by musicians, music historians, scholars and organizers. These playlists explore the intersection of music, movements, politics and expose listeners to context that music is created or perceived in.

What we are looking for:

  • a playlist of around 10 songs (or between 30-60 minutes), on specific theme, genre, or political issue or movement
  • Email the playlist, order, and if possible actual mp3s. We will also accept song lists, youtube links, digital files, or even fully produced mix tapes!
  • Annotate each song with a sentence or two each song’s origin, context, and/or importance.
  • A brief bio, mixtape title, and a short curatorial statement on the set of tracks you have chosen

We have enjoyed all the previous mix tapes and they are each unique. Some good examples to follow are Ganzeer’s focus on the revolutionary moments and inspiration in Tahrir Square, Or Lara Messersmith Glavin’s personal politicization through a specific genre like Heavy Metal in Injustice for All

Mixtapes will be released ideally bi-weekly or as we receive them. The deadline is open ended and invite you to share with others.

Submissions can be emailed to kevin (at)
For more information about the exhibition visit: if a song could be freedom . . . Organized Sounds of Resistance
To listen to the mix tapes visit our Blog, the mixtape page, or the Interference Archive Soundcloud account

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