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People’s Struggles in Africa and the Arab World Poster Set

Various Artists

A set of seven posters focusing on a cross section of movements and figures from Africa and the Middle East:

1. Amilcar Cabral by Josh MacPhee
2. The Piano Player of Yarmouk by Ethan Heitner
3. ILWU and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle by Blanco and Peter Cole
4. Ghassan Kanafani by Jamaa Al-Yad
5. The People of Egypt by Ganzeer
6. Lick Your Elbow by Josh MacPhee
7. Matzpen by Dan Berger and Joshua Kahn Russell






March 6, 2012

This past weekend, Paul Kjelland and I did an installation for the True/False film festival in Columbia, Missouri. Our installation – installed on the glass windows of the Ragtag Theater/cafe…