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Capital I & the Royal Waltzing We Poster/Download



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This is a musical stage show written by Reid Books and Colin Cascia with scenic design by Erik Ruin formatted as a silkscreened poster/lyric sheet by Erik Ruin, and a download of the audio version of the full stage show. It tells the tale of a person trapped in a room with no doors or windows who tries to relate their observations of the situation by writing lyrical songs and dances with an imaginary backing band. This inhabitant is for some reason predisposed to writing oom-pa-pa accordion waltzes and is frequently interrupted by a cruel and cynical newscaster's (played by Tom Snell of Bedlam Theatre) surreal ramblings.

The Horrible Department is a West Philadelphia based outfit with as much twisted art-punk in their strange concoction as there is pleasant pop/folk song and balladry. They are comprised of accordion, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, french horn, and lots of vocal harmony. This recording is their debut recording effort and features string arrangements and some slide whistle.

Elaborate 3-foot foldout screen-printed at Repetitive Press in Montreal w/ Jesse Purcell, also includes a Risograph insert!

PLEASE NOTE- color scheme is the reverse as the bottom photo here- red outer graphics, blue inner lettering.


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