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Critical Connections



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Grace Lee Boggs (June 27, 1915 – October 5, 2015), an activist, writer, and philosopher whose work has inspired many organizers, understood that our movement work is reliant on the interconnectedness of our communities- we need each other to survive and thrive. This idea has been expanded upon by adrienne maree brown in her book Emergent Strategy– which looks to phenomena in the natural world that may be applied to grassroots organizing. This image explores the idea of interdependence. It depicts a complex root system- a mutually beneficial network built between plants and fungi- which enables communication, sharing nutrients, and building immunity to benefit the entire ecosystem. This is the 2nd edition of a design made for the Justseeds CSA in 2019


4 color screen print with florescent rainbow roll on white Mr. French 80lb cover stock acid free paper. Signed and unnumbered edition.

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