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2021 Community Supported Art: Collectively Sowing the Seeds for Radical Futures

All of the 2021 CSA slots have been filled.

Check back for 2022!

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative has come together to offer another year of Community Supported Art.
Our CSA delivers powerful and inspirational political artworks by Justseeds artists to your mailbox throughout the year!

Collectively Sowing the Seeds for Radical Futures:

2020 has reaffirmed that our lives and struggles are interconnected! Living through a global pandemic, and with the ever present terror of white-supremacy and state-sanctioned, anti-Black violence, we’ve seen co-conspirators continue to show up for each other in the streets and while sheltering in place. From organizing mutual aid projects for housing, food, and bail funds, to abolitionists calling to divest from the police, our collective energies have been ignited. We have shown that the sweetness and power of community care, and our radical imaginations are necessary to our collective survival. Building off of the legacies of movements and dreams of those before us, we have shown that together we can push up through the concrete.

It is with this in mind that we envisioned the theme for 2021’s Justseeds CSA: Collectively Sowing the Seeds for Radical Futures. Sowing the seeds reflects that life exists in cycles, and that what we do now will ripple forward. We want to envision an alternative future where abolition is possible, where borders crumble, and binaries, old systems and structures are obsolete. We want to create a world where we can make room for joy, pleasure, and rest. Out of the ashes of the prisons, what does an abolitionist world look like? How does the sun set in a world in which BIPOC, queer, and disabled folks are uplifted? What does the air smell like without borders? Our new portfolio will embody all of these visions, through collaborations between old and newer members.

The future remains uncertain, but we have watched many things bloom. We have mourned, moved through trauma, and grieved, and have continued to resist, full of love and rage. 2021 is full of possibilities and we are committed to doing the work and will continue to keep showing up. Let’s connect with each other and put these intentions out into the world!

The Details:

Your Community Supported Art subscription will provide you with exclusive new art for every month of 2021 in an edition printed only for subscribers. The money we raise through subscriptions will fund future projects and the work we consistently do tying social and environmental justice issues to graphics and compelling art.

You will also be supporting an organization that is 100% artist run/owned and collectively operated!

CSA members will have three new prints shipped to their house in four installments throughout the year! With each package, you’ll get a statement about prints from the artists, connecting you with the artist’s intention, inspiration, and backstory.

This year’s participating artists are still being gathered! Thank you for believing in what we do!

Associated Artists