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2022 Community Supported Art | Hope as a Discipline: Rest, Restore, Revolution

Subscription Sales Start October 18!

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative has come together to offer another year of Community Supported Art.
Our CSA delivers powerful and inspirational political artworks by Justseeds artists to your mailbox throughout the year!

Hope as a Discipline: Rest, Restore, Revolution
Self Care As Deeper Work

In her book We Do This ‘Til We Free Us, Mariame Kaba talks about how she heard a nun talk about the idea of hope as a discipline. She says: ‘“Oh my God. That speaks to me as a philosophy of living, that hope is a discipline and that we have to practice it every single day.” Because in the world we live in, it’s easy to feel a sense of hopelessness, that everything is all bad all the time, that nothing is going to change ever, that people are evil and bad at the bottom. It feels sometimes that it’s being proven in various different ways, so I really get that. I understand why people feel that way. I just choose differently. I choose to think a different way, and I choose to act in a different way. I choose to trust people until they prove themselves untrustworthy.’

What makes us wake up every day and think towards the future? How do we ensure rest? How do we embrace resting as a form of resistance in a capitalist world? What makes us feel joy as the world crumbles?

Joy and pleasure are needed, and we are challenged to find them, but we do! For 2022’s Community Supported Art, we are challenging our artists to visualize self care as deeper work, for restoration and revolution!

The Details:

Your Community Supported Art subscription will provide you with exclusive new art for every month of 2022 in an edition printed only for subscribers. The money we raise through subscriptions will fund future projects and the work we consistently do tying social and environmental justice issues to graphics and compelling art. You will also be supporting an organization that is 100% artist run/owned and collectively operated!

CSA members will have three new prints shipped to their house in four installments throughout the year! With each package, you’ll get a statement about prints from the artists, connecting you with the artist’s intention, inspiration, and backstory.

Los detalles:

Tu subscripción al Community Supported Art (Arte apoyado por la comunidad), te proporcionará arte nuevo para cada mes del 2022, en una edición impresa ¡únicamente para suscriptores! El dinero que recaudamos a través de las suscripciones, financiará proyectos futuros y el trabajo que realizamos consistentemente, conectando problemáticas y movimientos de justicia social y ambiental con gráficos y arte relevante. También estarás apoyando una organización 100% propiedad de lxs artistas y operada de manera colectiva. 
Los miembros del CSA tendrán tres nuevas impresiones, enviadas a su casa en cuatro diferentes entregas a lo largo del año. Con cada entrega, recibirás un texto sobre las impresiones de cada artista, permitiéndote conectar con su intención, inspiración y trasfondo.
Aún estamos trabajando en quiénes serán los artistas que participarán este año. ¡Gracias por creer en lo que hacemos!

CSA 2022 Subscriptions are now full! Thank you for your interest and check back in late 2022 for next year’s offering.

This year’s participating artists are still being gathered, but include William Estrada, Christeen Francis, Kill Joy, Sanya Highland, Nicolas Lampert, Yobany Mendoza, Andrea Narno, Roger Peet, Pete Railand, Saiyare Refaei, Mary Tremonte, and Monica Trinidad! Thank you for believing in what we do


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