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Community Supported Art 2018:

SOLD OUT for 2018!


Two different payment options!
Pay in full now, or pay in four installments
of $75 each.


Building Power, Building Resistance!

Last year’s election radically transformed many people’s political activity in ways we could not even fathom, but defending what we have and fighting for change is not just a reaction to the current regime. We’re in it for the long haul, which means that our work has to be rooted in deep, transformative cultural practices that sustain us – including the visual and graphic landscape that we surround ourselves with. This is why the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative has come together to offer another year of Community Supported Art.

Our CSA delivers powerful and inspirational political artworks by Justseeds Artists to your mailbox throughout the year!

Your Community Supported Art subscription will provide you with exclusive new art for every month of 2018 in an edition printed only for subscribers. The money we raise through subscriptions will fund future projects and the work we consistently do tying social and environmental justice issues to graphics and compelling art. You will also be supporting an organization that is 100% artist run/owned and collectively operated.

Our theme for 2018 is “Building Power, Building Resistance.” We want to highlight and uplift the ways our communities are building counter-power and lasting strength in the face of ongoing struggles. We draw inspiration from those responding to climate crisis and natural disasters, the rise of right wing nationalism and racism, housing and food insecurity in our neighborhoods, the separation of families and loved ones, at the intersection of these issues and more.

Together we are building alternatives, finding ways to support and love one another, and resisting together. Now, more than ever, we need to celebrate these movements and moments when we see them and to help inspire everyone to keep building.

The Details:

CSA members will have three new prints shipped to their house in four installments throughout the year! With each package, you’ll get a statement about prints from the artists, connecting you with the artist’s intention, inspiration, and backstory.

There’s two ways to sign up: Pay in full now, or pay in four installments of $75 each.

This year’s participating artists are listed below! Thank you for believing in what we do!

Associated Artists