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Drowning On Dry Land

Drowning On Dry Land is a 48 page silkscreen & offset booklet, subtitled “A Lament from the Margins”, as it’s made from drawings printed in the margins of Witches & Mad Prophets: 13 Heretics. personal/apocalyptic ink drawings & papercut(s). each one unique, with many collage prints. comes with a downloadable soundtrack featuring thematically-relevant unreleased music by Work/Death, Big Blood, Ama (Matthew Himes of Shep & Me, etc.), Katt Hernandez, Virusse (aka Mindy Stock of the What Cheer? Brigade), A Stick and A Stone, Blue Shift, John the Baptist (Kellzo of SGNLS), & Night Mode (Reba Mitchell & Chrissy Wolpert of Whore Paint & Assembly of Light).




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Automatic Insurrection

Automatic Insurrection

October 19, 2009

This just in from our friend John Duda in Baltimore, an automated insurrectionist rant generator! Guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment! John explains: “The purpose of this little program is…