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Far From Afghanistan



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I designed this poster for the collaborative film project Far From Afghanistan. More info on that HERE and here:

Inspired by the 1967 film, FAR FROM VIETNAM (LOIN DU VIETNAM), John Gianvito conceived of FAR FROM AFGHANISTAN as a project to bring together some of the boldest, most politically-progressive US filmmakers. The final version will also include contributions from native filmmakers throughout Afghanistan. Together they will utilize a mosaic of approaches, and explore issues of shared responsibility, history and memory, in a concerted effort to help accelerate resistance to the war. Gianvito brought together filmmakers Jon Jost, Minda Martin, Travis Wilkerson, and Soon-mi Yoo--a strong, diverse group of filmmakers all of whom have embraced the challenge of making an ambitious endeavor, a clarion call for an end to the US war in Afghanistan, that looks deeper at the issues these 10 years of occupation and violence have wrought.

This is a small alternative edition of the print which does not have the filmmakers names overprinted onto the design.


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