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Justseeds 10th Anniversary Gold Tote Bag

Justseeds Collaboration

Stand out while carrying groceries or gear, records or rags- and celebrate 10 years of Justseeds!

We’ve all been a bit too busy this year to properly acknowledge it- but 2017 marks ten years of our work as a cooperative of engaged artists. Our small celebration is this beautiful bag. Designed by Justseeds member Jess X. Snow, this tote features a stunning golden detail from member Kristine Virsis’ popular print “Heavy”. Kristine’s illustration is printed on one side of this tote in a shimmering gold foil from edge to edge, with the addition of “Justseeds” , so you can rep your favorite radical artist cooperative! The bag’s overall sturdiness belies the delicate design and it’s the perfect size for running errands, throwing in an extra hoodie, and heading out for the day.

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