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Kristine Virsis

New York, NY, United States

Kristine Virsis is an artist currently living and working in New York. Her works begin as intricate paper cutouts accompanied by hand painting, and are then printed as editions true to size. Using largely nature based imagery her work explores nostalgia, death and grief, as well as mental health and addiction.

Other Media

Artist Interests
Hand Crafted Seed Art Packs

Hand Crafted Seed Art Packs

March 3, 2009

Look at these beautiful seed packs!!!  The second one down on the right hand side is one that my friend Michael Truckpile drew for friends Ken and Doug.  They have…

Justseeds on the road!

Justseeds on the road!

October 15, 2008

This fall i’m hitting the road for a two month tour with a full Justseeds print show, accompanying the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival, and the indie-punk band Halo Fauna. We…