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Paper Politics (1st ed.)


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I recently unearthed a small stack of these exhibition catalogs from the 2005 mounting of my Paper Politics exhibition mounted by Seattle Print Arts at the Phinney Center Gallery in Seattle. Only 500 were printed, so these are some of the last ones floating around.

Paper Politics: An Exhibition of Politically & Socially Engaged Printmaking Today was a major show of contemporary politically and socially engaged printmaking which was mounted in a dozen cities between 2004 and 2010. This oversized, full color book catalog showcases this print art, which uses themes of social justice and global equity to engage community members in political conversation. Paper Politics features artwork by over 176 international artists; an eclectic collection of work by both activist and non-activist printmakers who have felt the need to respond to the monumental trends and events of our times.

Paper Politics presents a breathtaking tour of the many modalities of printing by hand: relief, intaglio, lithography, serigraph, collagraph, monotype, and photography. In addition to these techniques, included are more traditional media used to convey political thought, finely crafted stencils and silk-screens intended for wheat pasting in the street. With essays by Deborah Caplow, Josh MacPhee, and Joseph Pentheroudakis.

Much of the Justseeds crew are inside, as well as many other artists, including: Morgan Andrews, Jon-Paul Bail, Luis Balaguer, Brandon Bauer, Rebecca Bughouse, Christopher Cardinale, Sue Coe, Tom Civil, Jan Danebode, Emek, Karen Fiorito, Kyle Goen, Art Hazelwood, Jules Heller, John Hitchcock, Seymour Kaplan, Stan Kaplan, Keinom, Klutch, David Lester, Dave Loewenstein, MEEK, Doug Minkler, Claude Moller, Alfredo Rostgaard, Nicole Schulman, John Paulus Semple, Susan Simensky Bietila, Miriam Klein Stahl, Swoon, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Rocky Tobey, Seth Tobocman, and many more.



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