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Movements in Latin America & the Caribbean Poster Set

Various Artists


The seventeen posters in this pack are representations of struggles from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

1. Chico Mendes by Colin Matthes

2. Vieques Libre by Dave Buchen

3. Madres de Plaza de Mayo by John Isaacson

4. Cochabamba by Swoon

5. El Hijo Del Ahuizote by Mazatl

6. Atenco Aguanta by Melanie Cervantes

7. EZLN by Kate Luscher

8. Guerreras de Las Barricades by Tim Simons & Barucha Calamity Peller

9. Haitian Revolution by Aaron Renier

10. Jamaican Maroons by Damon Locks

11. Primo Tapia by Christopher Cardinale

12. Walter Rodney by Josh MacPhee

13. Las 17+ by Mincho Vega

14. MST by Camila Rosa

15. Ni Una Menos by Flavia López-Czischke

16. Radio Venceremos by Kevin Caplicki

17. Inka Trap by Laura Sofia Hinojosa

18. Viva Berta Cáceres by anonymous








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Art to End Fossil Fuels

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