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Resist the War! / ¡Resiste la Guerra!



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In the early 2000s I was part of a short-lived Midwestern anarchist grouping called FRAC, the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives. It was an attempt to rebuild a popular-facing anarchist movement in the US from a working class perspective but accepting multi-tendancy influences (as opposed to the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists, or NEFAC, which was explicitly platformist). Anyway, that is way too much sectarianism for 99% of the people that might read this, so to get to the point, I was the in-house artist for most of the Federation’s output, and in 2001 we released a newspaper broadsheet to oppose the US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and I argued hard that one side of it should be a poster. What I ended up designing turned out to be pretty cliché, with its ye’ ole brick in the gears motif, but its definitely an interesting piece of anarchist history. (Also sadly has a large mistake in the Spanish, where the subtitle should have been “Lucha Contra el Sistema,” oops!) And I still quite like the logo I made for FRAC, seen in the bottom right corner of the poster.

The backside is the broadsheet part, jammed full of text in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately I was just starting to learn digital layout, and set all the type in italic caps, which is very hard to read. Another ooops!:

There’s not a lot of these out in the world, and I’ve only dug up a half dozen (only available here) so if you collect anarchist ephemera, this is for you!

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