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This cat print is inspired by a photo of my cousin reading to my child. We share knowledge in our family through storytelling, game play, and by reading. We read about history, about the lives of people who have changed society, and about current issues in the world. I am trying to raise a child who can speak about their own experiences and listen to the experiences of others with an open heart and mind. Our aim is to raise a person who can tell the difference between propaganda and evidence-based truths. We are working to create a space where critical thinking and emotional regulation thrives, so that we can distinguish the difference between facts and feelings. I want my kid and his peers to know they deserve dignity for themselves and their fellow humans, and to work towards ensuring justice for all people whose dignity and human rights are being denied. We are teaching how to deconstruct hierarchy and power structures in the world around us and how to live our principles. We prepare for a society that ought to be, rather than only react to what currently exists. We are teaching that when our conscience requires us to act, we do not simply pound the table in anger, but instead, utilize our skills to work for a more just and peaceful world.

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This image takes the form of a 7 color print, with 5 layers of a reduction linoleum block, a layer of woodblock, and a spray paint stencil. Signed and numbered on the back of the print. It's in an edition of 31 prints.

This is a part of a print series called Cooperation Cats which include all of the prints below:

Cooperation Cats, CollaborationCooperation Cats: Love, Resistance, JusticeCommuneForaging For FoodForaging Under Thousands Of MoonsHallah!Harvest, MendMoon Garden, and Mutual Aid (which are all out of print) as well as these available prints:

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