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Moon Garden


This is a seven color print. Two spraypaint stencil layers (yellow cat eyes, and bright green cat bodies) with a blue woodblock print layer, and 4 color reduction cut linoleum block. Printed on a bright purple archival paper. It’s very thick ink layers, so it feels like a painting. Thick thick texture. Each one is unique and has it’s own unique flaws and character, so expect some print variation if you purchase one. It’s part of what makes each one a sort of unique print painting. Two cats are planting in the moonlight. A couple years ago my sweetheart and I planted a garden using moon cycles and astrological charting. We had the longest and most bountiful season ever! Seeds were sewn directly into the ground in RI in mid April and we were still harvesting greens in November. These cats are inspired by that experience. I hope to inspire strong feelings which will encourage everyone to plant their own garden, so we can all have our own food source at our fingertips. No more oil in our food!

This is a part of a print series called “Cooperation Cats” which includes Cooperation Cats, Foraging For Food, and Mend (which are out of print) as well as these prints available for purchase:



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