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Cats in Quarantine


I started this piece in early March, as countries around the world started quarantining due to the surging coronavirus outbreak. About a week later, we started home quarantine as well. This image is of my brother, my husband, and our kid building a tower out of magnatiles together. This became one of the main activities we did together as the weeks progressed. I spent the next 3 months full time with my kid, while my husband worked in a job deemed “essential” leaving me with very small snippets of time to work. My brother was a huge help in this time, spending a few hours at at time with our kid for several days in a row, during the course of several weeks, so that I could carve and print this image. I also had my kid draw around the cats on the rug, which was one of the cooperative drawing activities we did during the past few months.

This print uses reduction linoleum block printing, woodblock printing, and spray paint stencil. Signed, edition of 30. 7 colors.

This is a part of a print series called Cooperation Cats which include all of the prints below: