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Signal Combo Pack

Alec Dunn and Josh MacPhee, eds.
Signal:01, Signal:02, Signal:03, and Signal:04
$40 ($20 off the cover price of all four books combined!!)

Signal is an ongoing book series dedicated to documenting and sharing political graphics, creative projects, and cultural production of international resistance and liberation struggles. Signal digs deep through our common history to unearth this often-overlooked but essential role art and culture have played in struggles the world over. Published by PM Press.

Signal:01 includes:
— Red Rat and Dutch Squatter Comics
— The Future of Xicana Poster Making: An Interview with Taller Tupac Amaru
— Adventure Playgrounds: A Photo Essay
— Propaganda Brigades in Mexico 1968: The Graphic Production of a Movement
— Early 20th Century Anarchist Publisher Imprints
— Designing Anarchy: the Graphic Covers of Rufus Segar
— The Political Freight Train Graffiti of Impeach

Signal:02 includes:
— Revolutionary Mozambican painter Malangatana Valente Nguenha by Judy Seidman
— Murals from the Carnation Revolution in Portugal by Phil Mailer
— A collection of early 20th-Century broadsides from Freedom newspaper
— The Gestetner Press and its influence on movements by Lincoln Cushing
— Oaxacan Street Art by Deborah Caplow
The Yamaga Manga an illustrated history of early Japanese anarchism
— A history of Danish art collective Røde Mor by Kaper Ostrup Frederiksen

Signal:03 includes:
— Jeu de Massacre: Deltor’s 1930 Anarcho-Communist Print Portfolio by Stephen Goddard
— Making Revolutionary Music: Alec Dunn and Erin Yahnke Interview Paredon Records’ Founder Barbara Dane
— Quebec Spring: The Visual Culture of the 2012 Student Strike by David Widgington
— Época Clandestina: The Mastheads of Spanish Exile Newspapers
— Memories of Revolution: Yugoslav Partisan Memorials by Robert Burghardt and Gal Kirn
— Confronting Neoliberalism: Reflecting on the Medu Arts Ensemble by Josh MacPhee

Signal:04 includes:
—The Legacy of Berlin’s Kommune 1 by Michael McCanne
—Book Designs of Three Continents Press, Max Karl Winkler interviewed by Josh MacPhee
—New Zealand’s Political Poster History by Jared Davidson
—A History of Toronto’s Punchclock Printing Collective by Ryan Hayes
—The Bay Area’s Peace Navy by Lincoln Cushing
—Imaging Palestine: The Cover Art of Palestinian Affairs Magazine by Rochelle Davis and Emma Murphy

Get all four books at once, for a super good deal!:
:01 is an 144 page full color book, 5″x7″.
:02 is an 160 page full color book, 5″x7″.
:03 is an 160 page full color book, 5″x7″.
:03 is an 176 page full color book, 5″x7″.

You can see some from each issue on their respective on these pages:
Signal:01, Signal:02, Signal:03,