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Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture

Signal is an ongoing book series dedicated to documenting and sharing political graphics, creative projects, and cultural production of international resistance and liberation struggles. Signal digs deep through our common history to unearth this often-overlooked but essential role art and culture have played in struggles the world over. Published by PM Press. You can contact us at


  • Red Rat // Dutch Squatter Comics
  • The Future of Xicana Poster Making // An Interview with Taller Tupac Amaru
  • Adventure Playgrounds // A Photo Essay
  • Propaganda Brigades in Mexico 1968 // The Graphic Production of a Movement
  • Early 20th Century Anarchist Publisher Imprints
  • Designing Anarchy // the Graphic Covers of Rufus Segar
  • Impeach // Political Freight Train Graffiti


  • Revolutionary Mozambican painter Malangatana Valente Nguenha // Judy Seidman
  • Murals from the Carnation Revolution in Portugal // Phil Mailer
  • Freedom // A collection of early 20th century broadsides from the UK anarchist newspaper
  • The Gestetner Press and its influence on movements // Lincoln Cushing
  • Oaxacan Street Art // Deborah Caplow
  • The Yamaga Manga // an illustrated history of early Japanese anarchism
  • A history of Danish art collective Røde Mor // Kaper Ostrup Frederiksen


  • Jeu de Massacre // Deltor’s 1930 Anarcho-Communist Print Portfolio by Stephen Goddard
  • Making Revolutionary Music // Alec Dunn and Erin Yanke Interview Paredon Records’ Founder Barbara Dane
  • Quebec Spring // The Visual Culture of the 2012 Student Strike by David Widgington
  • Época Clandestina // The Mastheads of Spanish Exile Newspapers by Alec Dunn
  • Memories of Revolution // Yugoslav Partisan Memorials by Robert Burghardt and Gal Kirn
  • Confronting Neoliberalism // Reflecting on the Medu Arts Ensemble by Josh MacPhee


  • The Legacy of Berlin’s Kommune 1 // Michael McCanne
  • Book Designs of Three Continents Press // Max Karl Winkler interviewed by Josh MacPhee
  • New Zealand’s Political Poster History // Jared Davidson
  • A History of Toronto’s Punchclock Printing Collective // Ryan Hayes
  • The Bay Area’s Peace Navy // Lincoln Cushing
  • Imaging Palestine // The Cover Art of Palestinian Affairs Magazine by Rochelle Davis and Emma Murphy


  • The Club de Grabado de Montevideo // Georgia Phillips-Amos unearths printmaking under dictatorship
  • Three Print Collectives // Alec Dunn interviews Friends of Ibn Firnas, A3BC, and the Pangrok Sulap collective
  • Come!Unity Press // An interview with Paul Werner about the history of New York City’s queer anarchist print shop
  • The Pyramid’s Reign // Analyzing an enduring symbol of capitalism with Eric Triantifillou
  • Empty Forms—Occupied Homes // Marc Herbst looks at the intersection between movement design and the struggle for housing in Barcelona
  • Discs of the Gun // Josh MacPhee’s trip through music and militancy in postwar Italy


  • Graphics That Resist // Yobani Mendoza and the ECPM68 discuss political cultural work in Mexico
  • Basement Workshop // Ryan Lee Wong digs out the history of one of the first Asian American arts organizations
  • Jamaa Al-Yad // Josh MacPhee interviews Daniel Drennan Elawar about this Beirut-born but internationalist graphics collective
  • Adhesive Uprisings // The IWW’s Silent Agitators by Catherine Tedford
  • Adhesive Uprisings // Portugal’s Auto-Colantes by Josh MacPhee
  • Adhesive Uprisings // German Antifascist Stickers by Joel Morton
  • INCITE! // The secret history of these ’80s California Bay Area communist collage guerrillas
  • So Much To Be Angry About // Shaun Slifer tracks down the legacy of West Virginia’s political printshop, Appalachian Movement Press


  • Philadelphia Printworks // Co-founder Maryam Pugh interviewed by John Morrison
  • The Vinyl of Victor Jara // Josh MacPhee explores the international output of the Chilean singer
  • Estación Darío y Maxi // Natalia Revale chronicles the political transformation of an Argentinian metro station
  • We Will Break Open the Doors That Obscure the Sun // A biography of printmaker Albert Daenens by Erik Buelinckx
  • Spectacular Commodities // Mehdi el Hajoui explores the objects of the Situationist International
  • One Red Star and Four Red Stripes // A fifty year retrospective of the left Catalan independence movement by Jordi Padró
  • Giving Voice to the Voiceless // An interview with poster maker Malaquías Montoya by Bill Berkowitz


  • Slave Revolt Reenactment // Dread Scott interviewed by Josh MacPhee
  • Hope In the Midst of Apathy // Alec Dunn highlights Liberation magazine and the cover art of Vera Williams
  • Writing for the Revolution // Andrew Fearnley on the politics of publishing and designing books of the Black Power Movement
  • Most of My Heroes // Vijay S. Jodha memorializes victims of anti-Sikh violence , with a preface by S. Ravi
  • Sightseeing with the PFLP // Travel documents for a 1970s highjacking


  • Pietro Perotti: Worker, Artist, Agitator, Puppet Maker // Interviewed by Davide Tidoni
  • Creative Freedom Behind the Iron Curtain // Aaron Terry digs into the film posters of the Eastern Bloc
  • Click to Edit // Print on demand and the aesthetics and means for production of the far right by Alex Lukas
  • Hell No We Won’t Glow // Selections from the anti-nuclear power discography by Sean P. Kilcoyne and Dirk Bannink
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Signal Slideshow (PDX)

Signal Slideshow (PDX)

May 10, 2011

Josh and I are giving a talk tomorrow night at Microcosm in Portland, 636 SE 11th, 7PM! Hope to see you there!

Signal Book Release Party: Pittsburgh

Signal Book Release Party: Pittsburgh


Lili Cafe
3138 Dobson Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Josh and I will be presenting the new, third, issue of Signal: A Journal on International Political Graphics & Culture at Lili Cafe in Pittsburgh. The event is free and…

Signal:06 Release Party!

Signal:06 Release Party!


Interference Archive
314 7th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Come out to the Brooklyn release party of Signal:06, the latest issue of Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture. Three contributors will be presenting: — Ryan Lee Wong illuminates…