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Water is Life

In November of 2016, I made this free downloadable graphic in solidarity with the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sioux land. “Mní Wičoni” is Lakota for “water is life”, and the design is based on the waterforms I illustrated for the bandana cover of the Wellspring portfolio.

The original graphic was bounced around as an online image quite a bit, and was reprinted for various Standing Rock fundraisers. The folks at Ocelot Printshop in Detroit made an especially nice benefit print run of them using the split-fountain technique to make a multi-color print from a single screen layer. I loved how they looked, so I made a short run of a slightly different version of the original, using the same process.

While the design is mine, the ink passes on this edition were done by my partner Becca, for whom it was her first experience with split-fountain screenprinting. Keep learning, keep teaching!

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