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water is life



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The Dinè nation is rich with oil, natural gas, coal, uranium + water in aquifers.  Yet, as a result of being treated as a colonized nation approximately 25% of the 180,000 people living on the Navajo nation don’t have running water or electricity + much of the water is contaminated with uranium. Fortunately, more people are getting solar systems.

This new 2 color, 16″ x 25″ hand pulled screen print,  edition of 100 (signed, numbered + stamped), will be used to raise money for Dig Deep, a private California based company bringing water + solar energy to the rez through the Navajo Water Project.  One hundred percent of my share ($50% of sales), will go to the Navajo Water Project.  The remaining 50% goes to justseeds.  #waterislife #protectthesacred

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