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We Be Darker Than Blue


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Out of stock

This print is based on a mural created by Jess and Chip at the BRIC House Cafe in Brooklyn in 2016. The mural portrays a poetic sisterhood spanning two generations of Black woman poets: NYC-based poet, activist and slam host Mahogany Browne, and Sonia Sanchez, a pioneer of the black arts movement. Connected by the heart, they rest on top of the Atlantic Ocean, amidst a bed of vein-like coral, surrounded by seabirds that took the same journey as their ancestors.

The mural is inspired by The Two Fridas, Frida Kahlo’s double self-portrait where the figures are connected by both hands and heart. Like self-portraiture for Kahlo, poetry for Sanchez and Browne has become a way for these two Black writers to assert the power of the feminine, the magic of their artistic dreams, and the color of their resilient histories. The title of the mural, We Be Darker Than Blue, comes from from Sanchez’s poem, To Anita.

Printed at Ocelot Printshop in Detroit, MI.

These prints are from a very small number of remainders from our Community Supported Art subscription program in 2018. We only have a few of these prints available!

Seattle’s International Working Women’s Day for Palestine and Beyond

Seattle’s International Working Women’s Day for Palestine and Beyond

March 12, 2024

“We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian siblings in Gaza and those among our community who are directly and indirectly affected by the current war and genocide by the Israeli settler-colonial regime. Passive observation of the horrors of bombings, genocide, and prolonged apartheid is not our way. We must rise and firmly proclaim that Palestinian Liberation is a Feminist Imperative.” – Feminists for Jina Seattle