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Lomami Bandanas

Over the last few years I (Roger Peet) have been traveling to DR Congo to pursue a variety of projects using art in the service of community conservation. It started with a screenprinted bandana identifying critically endangered species within an area proposed as a new national park, and moving on to itinerant bicycle comedy theater about communities and their relations to forests and wildlife. It’s been an enormously interesting and emotionally involved project, working with Congolese scientists and researchers and traveling to some remote and beautiful areas full of powerful people living complex and interesting lives in one of the world’s last huge tracts of rainforest.

You can read a lot of what I’ve written about the project in the blog posts below- or in the project’s own tumblr. There are also a tonne of photos from the project in several photo dumps in Flickr- one here from 2012 (includes an expedition to find a massive lost Russian bomber in the forest, a thing which we were the first to locate after seven years missing) and a more recent one here from 2014, which includes images from an epic bicycle comedy conservation tour in a very difficult place.

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