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read the writing on the wall-19

September 6, 2011

MoMA, NYC, 2011
It took awhile for me to realize that there was handwriting on the wall text, then I had to laugh at myself.
Not a laughing matter is how the Catholic Church harbors men that molest young people. I grew up and attended a church that did just that. Father Ed, moved from a church just 12 miles down the road in another town, preyed on many of my friends and peers. I thank him for placing the last, proverbial, “nail in the coffin” for me. I became an Anarchist as a result of his behavior and read Michael Bakunin’s God and the State. I’d like to suggest the opposite of the imperative in this photo and ask all the priests to do only that.

Archdiocese Lists Priests Accused of Abuse
Published: August 25, 2011
BOSTON — The Archdiocese of Boston on Thursday published a partial list of clergy members accused of sexual abuse, nearly a decade after a scandal erupted here involving widespread abuse by priests and revelations that the archdiocese had been shielding molesters for years.

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