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February 13, 2016

Here’s Artnoose, friend of Justseeds and tireless, self-identified over-achiever letterpress whiz. Artnoose worked part-time in the Pittsburgh-based Justseeds office from 2011 through 2014, when she moved back to her native California with her son.

She’s been letterpress printing her personal, bi-monthly zine Ker-Bloom! since 1996 — that’s twenty years! It’s a singular and fantastic zine, and I’m always especially excited to see what new experimentation she’s done for the next issue’s cover. She does much with little, running a minimal set-up of gear and type, with a full quiver of tricks and hacks to compliment her straight-on experience and know-how. She’s also a single mom, making a living for two on her solid printing skills through Deep Ink Letterpress.

Artnoose is on Patreon now, which allows folks to easily and regularly support the work of artists they like. You can set yourself up to donate monthly to her practice, and in return you’ll get all manner of wonderful, tightly letterpressed goods in the mail! For example, you can get a subscription to that Ker-Bloom! zine plus a Letterpress Print of the Month for only $7 a month! Have a look at her campaign right here.

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