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Survivor Love Letter Mural

June 18, 2018
Last month justseeds artist, Jess X. Snow, and friends Layqa Nuna Yawar and Tani Ikeda created  “A Monument for Survival”–a mural installation for @werise_la  for the movement Survivor Love Letter.
#Survivorloveletter is a call to survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones to publicly celebrate their lives.
The project was started on Valentine’s Day by Tani Ikeda as a way to share messages of self-love and to honor survivors of sexual assault on a day that for many survivors is an anniversary of violence.
 The hashtag has sparked an international conversation about the ways survivors are healing themselves and their communities.
In light of the viral #MeToo campaign that erupted after the allegations of Harvey Weinstein, we wanted to create a monumental love letter to survivors of sexual violence on a monumental wall in Hollywood.
Inspired by pyrophytic flowers that bloom after forest fires, this mural will feature a growing embrace between a survivor and her younger self. The mural will dissolve into personal testimonies of healing, visual collages and hand crafted letters that will pour on to the street level for all to read.
The plants featured in the mural are native to California forests and grasslands- evolved to survive and thrive in a landscape shaped by fire. Each of these powerful species represents the resilience of the natural world. The fact that each is endangered should inspire us to imagine a different relationship to fire, which has always been a part of the land that we live on.
 This piece features @amitaswadhin and beautiful words from their survivor love letter as their larger self nurtures their little self. Using augmented reality created by Emblematic Group you can go up to this mural to witness a burnt down forest turning into many species of endangered California wild flowers on Amita’s body. This piece is also supported by the Endangered Species Mural Project at the Center for Biological Diversity.
Support Survivor Love Letter by buying a button here.  Amita Swadhin is featured in this image and she inspires with her message; “Healing is not a destination but a practice. One day you will learn to wear your wounds instead of being led by them”.
With your help this project will be extended into an large mural in Hollywood, with augmented reality bringing it to life and revealing Survivor love letters from all over the world.
 $3 from every pin you buy helps this team of artist create the Survivor Love Letter mural in LA.
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One comment on “Survivor Love Letter Mural”

The piece was BEAUTIFUL at We Rise and I’d love to support the mural in a tiny way. Is there a way to do so without buying a pin?

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