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The new podcast Getting Into Step

June 4, 2021

The Kairos Center and the NYS Poor People’s Campaign, recently launched the pilot episode of our new podcast, Getting Into Step. The podcast is dedicated to illuminating the times in which we live, uniting leaders on the frontlines of struggle, and finding spiritual and intellectual grounding as we do so. 

Check out the podcast here:

From the Carolinas to California, from the Bronx to the border, from the Appalachian hollers to Apache sacred lands, Getting Into Step: A Movement Podcast for the Long Haul will explore what it means to build a social movement that addresses the interlocking injustices of our time. We will hear stories highlighting the plight, fight, and insight of the poor, pull pages from our movement songbook to learn how certain songs came to be and what they mean to us today, and take deep dives into the pressing questions of our movement. — Getting Into Step

The first episode features powerful conversations on building the independent political power of the poor with Min. Dr. Savina Martin of the National Union of the Homeless, Rev. Nelson Johnson of the Beloved Community Center in North Carolina, and Rev. West McNeill of the NYS Poor People’s Campaign and the Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS.

Additionally, the podcast logo is pulled from Aaron Hughes’s contribution, Getting Into Step, to the Poor People’s Campaign portfolio organized by Justseeds. Download a high resolution version of the print here.

Check out the podcast here:

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