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Wheatpasting in West Pittsburgh

May 31, 2011


This weekend, with crucial assistance from Shaun Slifer and Kevin Clancy, I put up some prints on the Murphy building in Sheraden. A post office, corner store and laundromat in front, the back side of the building that faces the busway is all boarded up.
The main prints in this piece are large, brightly-colored silkscreen prints of the herons I drew for Third Termite to letterpress print for Outpost journal. We also incorporated baby hawk patterns and some outtakes of the “We’re All In This Together” worms that Josh MacPhee printed while he was in town in April.


This work is part of a public art project in the West End of Pittsburgh organized by Orvokki Halme of Future Tenant—who hosted a window show of Celebrate People’s History posters back in November. Keep an eye out there for Your Seat at the Banquet, a food justice show that Kevin is co-organizing this Fall (you may remember him from his Portable Utopia project that I blogged here a few months ago—another amazing former teen!)
In Pittsburgh, more than most places, everything is interconnected.
Big thank yous to Shaun and Kevin for braving the blazing sun with me!
Shaun took the photos, for more see my Flickr


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